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SafeOver. Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering and Internet Safety with SafeOver

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    One of the fastest Web Content Filtering for home Users, Small Business, Corporates and Government Offices.

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    Internet Safety System that is easy to deploy and manage with minimal configurations and setup requirements.

  • efficient


    Internet being a very valuable tool for today's business needs to be efficient with no loss of bandwidth while filtering.

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Human Resource is a valuable asset and Protecting it is a Responsibility.



  • Prevent Loss of employee Productivity. Many a Organization incur huge loss in productivity due to employee activity on internet like social networking site, surfing on porn or adult and inappropriate site content during work hours.
  • Optimum use of available network bandwidth and performance. Because of the above activities there is an increase in downloads of related to these kind of contents which resluts in loss of valuable network bandwidth and performance.
  • Compliance to organizational legalities. Ensuring legal compliance across organization has been a major concern of many business and the need is to prevent and protect yours and you customers valuable data to becomes vulnerable when exposed to these innapproriate web sites and contents.
  • Enforcement of employment policies. Enforfement of employment policies that covers computer and internet useage rules and regulations is the responsibitlity of the organization to implement and monitor for any breach.


  • Quick Support

  • Multiple Users

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Cost Reduction

  • Dynamic Categorization

  • Filter Image and Video

  • SSL HTTPS Filtering

  • Easy Administration

  • SafeOver Tech Support. Intelliob SafeOver comes with a simple user friendly interface to easily navigate the intuitive features and context help and documentations. SafeOver includes complete user manual for immediate reference and regular support is provided through email, telephone or online meeting tools.

  • Multiple Users. SafeOver can be configured with varrying rules for multiple users on a standalone system and also can be configured with Active Directory on your intranet. The cloud and hybrid solution has flexibility to manage users based on user groups.

  • Cloud, Local or Hybrid Deployment. SafeOver can be deployed 100% local, completly on cloud, or a hybrid approach where a portion of the technology runs locally while a portion of the technology runs in the cloud.

  • Cost Reduction. Reduce cost of operations with increase in employee productivity and savings in network and internet bandwidth with incresed performance resulting faster completion of day to day work related activities.

  • Dynamic Web Site Categorization. SafeOver incorporates Web Categorization technology that is the only 4th Generation web and URL filter in the industry with providing the most comprehensive and accurate Global Database with real-time categorization engine, backend categorization engine, reputation data with analysis of malicious and compromised website.

  • Filter and Block keyword based Images and Video. Leveraging on the proprietory Global Database of over 16 billion categorized URLs in over 100 languages, and core filtering engine for scanning these URLs, safeover provides a comprehensive reputation data system for filtering images and videos on keywords.

  • Easy to manage and configure with Admin Control Panel. SafeOver admin panel comes with a simple and userfriendly interface to manage the categories that needs to be filtered or allowed. It also includes option for specific urls or keywords to be allowed or filtered with the flexibilty to define the same as templates that can be assigned to one or more users.

  • SSL and HTTPS Filtering. In addition to HTTPS and SSL filtering, SafeOver provides unique approach to encrypted traffic filtering tat enables fast and effective filtering without jeopardizing security certificates.

Built on Latesttechnology

A Fourth Generation Web Content Filtering Solution.

February 26, 2013

SafeOver incorporates proprietary technology, comprised of four layers of filtering, providing the only Fourth Generation Web Filtering and content analysis in the industry. SafeOver provides the industry’s most complete and comprehensive solution for web and URL categorization, content categorization, site & page reputation analysis and data, and malicious & compromised site & page detection.

Why chooseSafeover?

  1. Block Pornography, Social Networking, Games, and Entertainment etc.
  2. Increases Employee Productivity &Reduce Wastage of Bandwidth by filtering
  3. Completely Software & Cloud Based Web Content Filtering & Blocking Solution
  4. No Separate IT Expert or Firewall Hardware Box required
  5. Available at a Very Low Cost Yearly Subscription basis
  6. Easy Online Installation, Configurations & Instantly ready to Use